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Virgin Gorda is the second largest island in the British Virgin Islands. It is an island of rolling hills, beautiful beaches, and incredible geological formations. This one of "nature's little secrets” capitalizes on it's quiet charm. “small town” appeal and friendly people. The main industry on Virgin Gorda is tourism but with just over 3,000 population the way of life is old-time Caribbean.
Meaning “Fat Virgin"  in Spanish - Virgin Gorda got it's name from Columbus referring to the feminine curves of Virgin Gorda's geography.
Virgin Gorda is defined by two distinct areas; The Valley to the South (or Spanish Town, the name of it's original Spanish settlement) with rolling hills and round granite boulders and North Sound at the northern end of Virgin Gorda which is a large sheltered harbor containing the quaint little village of Gun Creek and several resorts.
Bridging the two areas is a narrow neck of land lined by spectacular Savannah Bay Beach and Virgin Gorda Peak. the highest point on Virgin Gorda
The islands most famous attraction is the enormous granite boulders that line a series of Virgin Gorda's North-western beaches.  The Baths, where these boulders
create a series of sheltered grottoes and sea-pools, contains the most spectacular of these formations and is often referred to as one of the wonders of the natural world.
The Copper Mine, recently designated as a national park, was mined in the 1860's by Cornish miners. The remains of the mine's smoke stack, engine house and shafts are still there. Indigenous flora, including Cactus, Bromeliads and wild ferns grow on Gorda Peak. From the viewing platform of this national park there is a sweeping view of Tortola, Beef Island and the Dogs (smaller islands) . The North Sound is one of The BVI's most popular yachting anchorages.

 A world unto itself - Virgin Gorda is a Caribbean secret worth discovering.

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